The creamy Saint Honoré Cake is a circle of sponge cake crowned with a ring of cream puffs that surround a center of Saint Honoré or Chiboust cream.

A dessert with Parisian origins, it owes its name to Saint Honoratus, a Benedictine monk and bishop of Amiens who is particularly revered by the faithful.

After having demonstrated a true vocation for the faith since an early age, he was made bishop.
One of the many mysterious stories surrounding the figure of Saint Honoratus is that while celebrating mass, the hand of God appeared to him over the alter, consecrating the host over the chalice. This miracle led bakers and pastry makers to follow the saint. For this reason, the saint’s attribute in art is a baker’s shovel holding three loaves.

Over the years, the church that is dedicated to him, around which the Parisian baker’s guild gathered in 1400, became a street within the new city walls, the current Rue Saint-Honoré.
This was the street where the bakery of Parisian pastry maker Chiboust, the creator of this creamy cake, was located. The dessert was invented in 1847, in collaboration with Auguste Julien and Fauvel. The first conceived the recipe, recalling a cake that he had seen in Bordeaux, while the second created a new cake for desserts known as “genoise”.
Thus was created a flakey cookie base covered with choux pastry (puff pastry) that encircles the thick Chiboust cream (thickened with stiffly beaten egg whites) at the center of the dessert.
The most prized detail is still missing, however – the ring of cream puffs that encircles the Saint Honoré cake, which are filled using a pastry bag. This essential tool is used to fill the caramelized cream puffs, which lend a touch of elegance to the beloved dessert.

La Donatella offers its own version of this exquisite dessert – a layer of sponge cake covered with whipped cream and chocolate cream and decorated with cream puffs.
A classic dessert that is perfect for any occasion.

  • Saint Honorè cake
    Saint Honorè cake

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