Are you looking for a gift for your better half? Valentine’s Day is coming up fast!
Whether you’re cynical or super sweet, a gift for the one you love is a must. Otherwise, you’ll surely hear about it during your next argument!

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for centuries.
To be precise, its roots date back to 496 AD, when Pope Gelasius decided to replace the pagan ritual of Lupercalia with the celebration of St. Valentine.
The worship of Lupercus was thought to be too immoral – it involved a man and a woman living in intimacy so that the propitiatory rites that would keep the wolves away from the cultivated fields could be completed.
This is the reason why St. Valentine became the protector of sweethearts.
Born in Terni in 176 AD, the Roman bishop died as a martyr after having dedicated his life to his community, martyred during the persecutions of the Christians.

Why St. Valentine?
As the story goes, the saint approached a couple that was arguing and asked them to make peace. After offering a rose, he told them both to hold the stem and pray to God that their love would live forever. The couple then asked St. Valentine to marry them.
Naturally, the news spread and many couples decided to make a pilgrimage to see the bishop on the 14th of each month, until the bishop died in 273.
Since then, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated every year throughout the world, with couples exchanging flowers, sweets and gifts of all price ranges. All with a single objective – to devote 24 hours to the celebration of their love.

Have we convinced you? Are you thinking about the perfect gift to seal your love?
The San Valentino Cake from La Donatella is a great choice – delicate and fluffy cream garnished with sweet strawberries.
The dessert that will pamper your better half and make him or her feel even more loved!

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