At Christmastime, we are all a little nicer, a little sweeter and… a little heavier!
In fact, those extra pounds could be as much a symbol of the holidays as Christmas trees and fruit cake!
To prevent this undesirable situation and avoid gaining weight during the holidays, follow a strict diet on the days before holiday lunches and dinners so that you can indulge a little during the festivities.
Here are a few ideas on how to prevent regrets in the New Year and happily enjoy holiday meals.

Breakfast: Allow enough time to eat a large breakfast in the morning.
This kick-starts your metabolism after fasting overnight.

Chew slowly: To experience a sensation of fullness, you must enjoy your meal for at least 20 minutes. Don’t have small, light meals!

Avoid snacks: Potato chips and nuts are available all year long.
With the abundance of delicious food that will be on the table on Christmas Eve, do you really want to eat things that you can have any time of year? Don’t overdo the snacking!

Aperitifs, yes or no? Yes and no! It’s ok to slowly sip a glass with friends or family, but pass on the chips and nuts.

Exercise: Not having time to play sports or go to the gym is just an excuse.
Take long walks or ride a bike to work. In short, get in a little exercise whenever you have the chance and don’t cut corners!

The weeks are passing and tables are groaning under the weight of hams and pies?
Remember: you don’t need to have a feast the size of New Year’s dinner every day! Between celebrations, try to follow a strict diet.
You wouldn’t want to miss the Yule Log, would you!? This dessert lets you fully experience the magic of the holidays. You’ll be strong tomorrow!
Put our suggestions on your list of New Year’s resolutions.

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