It is a simple dessert with a sophisticated flavor.
Torta della Nonna is a popular and beloved dessert created by Guido Samorini around the mid-twentieth century.
It has an interesting history since the dessert was created on a bet – a few customers were complaining about the limited selection of desserts at “San Lorenzo”, Samorini’s restaurant. After having requested a surprise for the following week, the cook served them Torta della Nonna and they were ecstatic about it.
The cook secretly passed the recipe on to one of his students and it was copied and customized in various ways. However, all of the variations share the characteristic that distinguishes this dessert – simplicity.
There are two types of Torta della Nonna, the “rich” version and the “poor” version.
The better-known version is the first one – delicious pastry cream spread onto a flakey shortcrust pastry base and garnished with powdered sugar and pine nuts.
In the “poor” version of Torta della Nonna, the pastry cream is wrapped in shortcrust pastry and decorated with a few pine nuts.
La Donatella could not miss an opportunity to offer its own custom version of this very traditional dessert.
La Donatella Torta della Nonna cake has delicious cream on flakey shortcrust pastry, topped with toasted almonds, pine nuts and powdered sugar.
Striking a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, this dessert maintains the flavor of the time-honored recipe.

  • Torta della nonna cake.
    Torta della nonna cake.

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